Joining the Association

Membership of Meteor Inc is restricted to people whom the committee considers share the Association’s objectives. This is to guard against ‘carpetbaggers’ casting covetous eyes over its investment fund.

Members’ annual subscriptions help to defray the Association’s administration costs. Unlike donations from Australian taxpayers to the Meteor Incorporated Public Fund, members’ fees are not tax deductible.

Read the Association’s Rules

An application for membership must be made on a prescribed form obtainable from the Secretary at his discretion. Three nominators are required, who must be paid up members of the Association. Completed and signed applications must be returned to the Secretary, who is obliged to present them to the next committee meeting for approval or rejection.

Approved applicants are billed for an amount comprising the Joining Fee and Initial Annual Fee. (The Joining Fee will renew to 1st January of the year following the year in which the Secretary enters the new member’s name in the register of members. The Initial Annual Fee will renew to 1st January of the year after that.)

Currently, membership fees are:

Joining fee: $20.00
Annual membership fee: $20.00

Membership of Meteor Inc requires adherence to its rules, commitment to its objectives and, of course, ongoing payment of the annual fee. If you are one of those special people, write to the Secretary for an application form today.

Authorised by Bill Wright, Secretary of Meteor Incorporated