Who’s who

Meteor Inc is managed by a committee, whose members are listed below. Also see: Consultants to the Committee.

Bruce Gillespie – President

Bruce GillespieMeteor Inc is grateful to Bruce for allowing us to to tap his vast network of fannish contacts. In addition to carrying out routine maintenance on this website, he heads the Communications subcommittee that promotes the Association’s aims and objectives at SF clubs, conventions, literary discussion groups and on the Internet.

Bruce Gillespie has been publishing fanzines since 1968. The first issue of SF Commentary, which first appeared in 1969, has been nominated three times for the Hugo Award (1972, 1973 and 1975), and has won a number of Ditmar Awards (Australian SF Achievement Award). He is a foundation member of Anzapa (Australia and New Zealand Amateur Publishing Association) and has contributed to a number of other apas. He was Fan Guest of Honour at Aussiecon 3, the world science fiction convention held in Melbourne in 1999, and is the winner of more prestigious local and international awards that any other Australian science fiction fan. Electronic versions of all his fanzines since 1991 have been published on Bill Burns’ celebrated websitehttp://www.efanzines.com.

Bruce was a partner, along with Rob Gerrand and Carey Handfield, in pioneering SF publisher Norstrilia Press.

Position vacant – Vice President


Carey Handfield – Treasurer

Carey HandfieldCarey Handfield is an organiser. He has been organising things and people since he started in fandom in 1969. He was the President of the Monash University SF Association in 1971/72. He has worked on all Australian World Science Fiction Conventions – on the central committees for Aussiecon 1 in 1975 & Aussiecon 2 in 1985, as an advisor to Aussiecon 3 in 1999, and as Treasurer of Aussiecon 4 in 2010.

He also chaired the Sydney in 1983 Worldcon Bid. He has worked on numerous Australian SF Conventions including Chairing BOFCON 1976 Natcon. He was fan GOH at the 1988 Natcon in Sydney. In 1975 he founded Norstrilia Press with Bruce Gillespie the Australian SF small press of the 1970 & 1980s.

Bill Wright – Secretary & Memberships

Bill WrightBill Wright is a Great Man whose irreverent sense of humour and slightly eccentric way of looking at the world is not always appreciated by some Australian fans. Bill joined the Melbourne Science Fiction Club in 1955 and was in evidence at Australian science fiction conventions until the 1980s.

In 1970 he joined Anzapa (the Australia and New Zealand Amateur Publishing Association) where the first incarnation of his fanzine, Interstellar Ramjet Scoop (IRS) was published regularly until the late 1970s. Bill’s claim to enduring fame is to have been Secretary of the bid committee for Australia’s first Worldcon, the 1975 Aussiecon.

Bill reentered fandom in 1995 when he revived IRS in cahoots with computer graphics wizard Dick (Ditmar) Jenssen. In recent years, because of IRS, Bill Wright has won nearly every ANZAPA popularity poll for which he has been eligible to stand. Visit IRS athttp://efanzines.com/IRS/

Position vacant – Committee member