Consultants to the Committee

Russell Blackford

Russell BblackfordRussell Blackford has been active in science fiction fandom since 1979. He is the author of many books, articles, and short stories. His books include an original trilogy for the Terminator franchise, Terminator 2: The New John Connor Chronicles, and the scholarly monograph Strange Constellations: A History of Australian Science Fiction (Greenwood Press, 1999), co-authored with Van Ikin and Sean McMullen. In recent years, he has established an international reputation as a philosopher involved in controversies relating to religion, ethics, secularism, and the human future. His most recent book is Humanity Enhanced: Genetic Choice and the Challenge for Liberal Democracies (MIT Press, 2014). Russell is also editor-in-chief of the Journal of Evolution and Technology and an editorial consultant to Science Fiction Studies.

In the past, he has been a guest editor (with his wife Jenny Blackford) of the British critical SF journal Foundation and a member of the editorial collective of Australian Science Fiction Review. Extended Bio of Dr Blackford.

Ditmar Jenssen

Ditmar JenssenDr. Martin James Ditmar Jenssen – he answers to either Dick or Ditmar – is a founding member of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club. His is the name behind the Ditmar (Australian SF Achievement) Awards.

Always a keen science fiction fan he has, in retirement, devoted his energies to graphics for fanzines. He still has a desire to give back to the genre of fiction which sustained him through difficult years of growing up. He has won a Ditmar as Best Fan Artist (in 2000), and the inaugural Chronos Award in the same category (in 2009).

Jean WeberJean Weber

The current Meteor Inc. website was designed by Jean Weber, a long-time science fiction fan; writer, editor, and publisher of computer-related books; and maintainer of numerous websites, her own and those of other groups and individuals, related to science fiction, travel, technical editing and other topics.

Andrew GerrandAndrew Gerrand

The original Meteor Inc. website was designed and built by Andrew Gerrand, an avid science fiction fan and supporter of Meteor.

He hopes that one day soon we will see the singularity so he can finally stop telling computers what to do.