On fulfilment of its objectives, Meteor Incorporated will be able to support the Australian science fiction community in many ways; but, in these early years, we’re the ones that need support in practical ways as well as financially.

You can help by

  • visiting this website often to learn what we’re doing, making occasional small donations to the Meteor Incorporated Public Fund by PayPal via the Donations page, and encouraging others to do the same;
  • being prepared to volunteer to help in any rescue of an at-risk collection mounted by your local SF club or association, in terms of which Meteor Incorporated will bear future costs of storing the donated material until we have the resources to manage it properly;
  • becoming a member of Meteor Incorporated if you believe strongly enough in the Association’s objectives. Meteor Inc has committed members from all over Australia and overseas. The joining fee ($20) and annual subscription ($20) help defray our expenses, ensuring that we continue to exist as a going concern until we have enough funds to acquire premises to house a science fiction institution and research library in Australia; and
  • consider making provision for the Meteor fund in your Will.