Our vision

sfc2-300x228Science fiction and fantasy readers like to collect books, magazines and electronic media. Some items are worth quite a bit. What will happen to these collections when we can no longer look after them?

We should have an institution to which readers and fans can send or will their collections in the knowledge that their treasures will be properly cared for.

Such a facility needs a building to house the material and qualified personnel to archive, shelve and display individual items.

Meteor Incorporated, an incorporated Association under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act 1981, was formed in August 2007 to accumulate cash donations and bequests until enough funds are available to

  • preserve and manage a collection of science fiction and fantasy memorabilia (books, magazines, fanzines, and electronic media) by acquiring premises and hiring qualified librarians/custodians; and
  • provide a resource for research into science fiction and fantasy literature and culture.

This is not going to happen overnight. The Meteor Fund is a long-term project requiring the generosity and ongoing support of science fiction fans everywhere. Australian taxpayers, please note that cash donations of $2 or more to the Meteor Incorporated Public Fund are tax deductible.

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